Wildlife Photography: A Complete Guide for Beginners

The craze of wildlife photography has been increased over the years. Seizing a perfect shot requires something more than expensive cameras and equipment. It also demands a working knowledge, little essence of skills and abilities along with a camera loaded with good features and possessing high resolution.

Rocco Basile is one of the most talented name in the world of photography. It’s no wonder you will see his works featuring in the international magazines and galleries, every now and then. Apart from being a professional photographer and Co-founder of “Rocco Basile Photography”, he’s an idol to lots of new comers in the photography field.

According to Rocco Basile, rather than focusing on the technical side of the photography, one must focus on expressing oneself through photography. He believes that a right shot has lots of stories and emotions to express.

In this article, we have put together some of the good tips shared by him, which will help you improve your photographic skills.

Do your homework

Before you head to the destination, do a little research. This would be helpful. Try collecting information about the area, the wildlife creatures likely to exist there.

Study the animal’s movements, habitat and   behavior. You must also be aware of the best timing and schedule.

You must have patience

Photography wildlife, landscaping is little different from capturing tall steady building. It’s never easy, you can’t predict nature and ultimately you can’t predict what’s going to be happening next?

To get a perfect compelling shot, you might have to spend hours sometimes. Have patience, great things take time.

Go out of the box

An eye level perspective will help you snapping some incredible moments of your subjects. Try getting close to your subject.

Say, if you’re shooting birds, laying down on your stomach will aid in capturing some amazing shots.  You can also use buggies, remote devices etc.

Beware! Don’t forget they’re wild animals

Going closer will output a great shot, but don’t forget to manage a healthy distance. After all, they’re wild animals.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t predict animals, any moment they can get wild and attack on you.  It’s good idea to get a great shot without sacrificing your life. Isn’t it? Ensure safety!

Keep the background simple and non-distracting

The background plays a big part in any photograph. However, in wildlife photography, it could be little distracting.

Try keeping the background simple and non-distracting. Don’t forget, your focus is the subject and not the background. Keeping the background simpler will dominate the subject in the photograph.

Some more tips

  • Try reaching the field before sunrise and sunset. This is when you can enjoy the golden hours of the light.
  • Observe the patterns of your subject to captivate some interesting moments.
  • Be humble and show some respect to your subject. After all, they too are living creatures!
  • Try to capture emotions and feelings too.
  • Arm yourself with practice. Pay frequent visit to local parks or your backyard with your camera. Remember, practice makes a man perfect!

If you’re thinking of giving a push to your photographic skills, next time, when you go out with your camera, try following the tips mentioned in this article and see the difference yourself!

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