What Questions Should You Ask A General Contractor When Interviewing Them

If you are thinking of remodeling your house, then you will require help of a right general contractor. There are several home remodeling contractors on the market. Selection of the right one requires gaining knowledge about them. You need to ask them a few questions to learn how skillful they are and how well they meet your expectations.

Are you legally authorized to perform the construction job?

No matter how skillful a contractor is, he has to be licensed by a governmental authority. Before hiring a general contractor, it is very important to learn whether they are licensed or not. If you find that they do not have required license to do the construction task, then there is no point in asking them more questions.

So, the first and foremost thing is to check whether or not they possess a valid license. Rocco Basile is one of the best construction experts in New York. He has worked with engineers, interior designers and architects to provide superior quality construction solutions to property owners.

Do you have insurance and workers compensation insurance?

General liability protection or insurance assists in safeguarding your house and property from any sort of disaster. This type of compensation safeguards a person from liability of getting a carpenter injured while performing activity on their property. So, this is again a must requirement for all general contractors.

To ensure that they possess a valid insurance, you can even ask a general contractor to provide proof of insurance and how much coverage do they provide for their workers. Rocco Basile has several years of experience in performing construction work for residential and official premises.

Have you ever been declared as a bankrupt?

To learn about the genuineness of the general contractor that you want to hire, you need to check their past records. Look at their court records to find has there been any legal issue and how they have got resolved.

How many years of experience do you have in this field?

Take a look at their journey, how they started their profession and how many clients have they served in the past. The more experienced a general contractor, the most accuracy can you find in their work.

There are some contractors who are pursuing this business as a part time business. Go for the ones who are full-time into this job. These professionals would handle the business in the best way and provide quality craftsmanship in their work.

How can you guarantee the quality of your work?

Some general contractors provide a warranty of their construction work in writing. This warranty helps in giving you a clear and detailed explanation of what type of quality can you expect from their work. It also includes the type of construction material and tools that will be needed to perform the task.


To give a customized look to your home, it is important to select the most skilled contractor for your construction work. These questions will help you arrive at the best decision.

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