The Difference Between Steel Fence and Aluminum Fence – Which One to Choose

Fencing is done for protecting the infrastructure from many things. Fencing is also installed for giving the house a royal look. There are many options available for fencing material, but the most common options people want to know about are steel and aluminum.

Steel and aluminum both can be used for fencing. Before deciding on the material, you should be aware of the benefits and the drawbacks of both metals. The similarity says that both steel fencing and aluminum fencing are durable in nature, but then both metals differ in a lot of ways.

Benefits of Aluminum Fence

  1. Aluminum is a light and durable metal.
  2. This metal is very easy to mold as per the requirement.
  3. Though the initial purchasing cost is higher than steel, the overall costing of the metal is cheaper as compared to steel.
  4. The most important feature is that aluminum is corrosion resistant. This metal does not rust therefore people opt for aluminum.
  5. Unlike steel, aluminum is available in many different colors and textures.
  6. Aluminum is long lasting than steel and it can easily be recycled.

Drawbacks of Aluminum Fence

  1. Aluminum can be easily molded, but this can also be counted as a drawback of this metal. So, the metal is not that effective for those areas with security issues.
  2. Therefore, aluminum is not generally used for fencing of offices or any industrial structure. It best suits only to give beautiful look to the structure.

Benefits of Steel Fence

  1. Steel is a very strong metal, stronger than aluminum.
  2. It does not damage easily because it is difficult to mold steel.
  3. Therefore, this metal fencing is best suitable for the areas with security issues.
  4. Steel is also a long-lasting metal.

Drawbacks of Steel Fence

  1. It is a heavy metal, therefore making it difficult to install.
  2. The maintenance cost of steel is on the higher side.
  3. Steel can get corroded easily, so you need to take care of the galvanizing and coating of the metal.
  4. Steel is expensive as compared to aluminum. This is the reason why many people do not opt for steel fencing.

Both steel and aluminum have their own pros and cons. Both metals are high-quality metals, which can be used for fencing. You can decide between the two based on the place or the infrastructure where you want to install the same.

Aluminum can be used for fencing of residential places because it serves all the purposes what the residents want. Steel fencing can be used for commercial or industrial infrastructure. If steel is going to be expensive for you, aluminum is always a good option. So, choose the material for fencing after doing proper research. Also, keep in mind the points given above and make a wise decision. Besides giving a classy look to your premises, make it a secured place at the same time by choosing the best fencing material.

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