Should You Prefer Handmade Jewellery Over Machine Made Jewellery?

While going for jewellery shopping there’s always a choice between handmade and machine-made jewellery pieces. However, it depends upon the funds you’re willing to spend and the occasion for which you’re buying the jewellery. In case you’re buying jewellery to gift someone, there can be nothing better than handmade pieces. Following section will brief you about pros and cons of both types of jewellery.

How To Decide Between Handmade And Machine-made Jewellery Pieces?

  • Budget

This is one of the important considerations, while buying jewellery. Usually, handmade jewellery is costlier than machine-made jewellery. This is because creating every single piece of handmade jewellery piece requires lots of effort.

Moreover, material used in making handmade jewellery is also of very high quality. On the contrary, machine-made jewellery is made using machines. Due of bulk production the cost of making such jewellery pieces is generally low. Hence, if you’re looking for jewellery pieces which fall in your budget, machine-made pieces are a must go.

  • Brand or Uniqueness

Two handmade jewellery pieces can never be exactly the same. Therefore, whatever you will buy will be unique in itself. This makes handmade jewellery to be a preferred choice for gifting in comparison to machine-made jewellery. This is because while gifting a handmade gold earrings, you will have the surety that the person whom you are gifting this will not own something similar.

Moreover, if you are wearing it yourself, you will get a sense of uniqueness by wearing a piece which matches your style statement. In case of machine-made jewellery, you will get to see amazing designs which will help in embracing your status in society. Nowadays, there’s wide range of gold earrings designs available online in affordable range.

Top and esteemed brands ensure that their customers get unique designs. However, make sure that while buying gold earrings online, you check the prices properly. This is because sometimes, gold earrings price vary widely from one retailer to another. Hence, make sure you do a price comparison before placing order.

  • Design or Quality

It is another important factor while making a choice between handmade and machine-made jewellery. The handmade jewellery pieces are quite beautiful as the designer puts quite lot of effort in designing a single price with his/her bare hands. You can easily match such pieces with your wardrobes as some customization is available in this type of jewellery.

If you’re looking for quality assurance, there’s nothing better than machine-made jewellery. This is because the material used in such jewellery pieces is of high quality which ensures that there are no chances of skin reactions, discoloration and other harmful effects. Machine-made jewellery is crafted from standard production process, which ensures that there are no chances of jewellery getting broken.

Why Go For Handmade Jewellery Pieces?

Handmade jewellery is made by small scale industries. People who craft such jewellery pieces make sure that they pay whole attention to one work at a time. This dedication gets reflected in the quality and finish of material that they are supplying.


Hope this guide will help you to decide which type of jewellery you should buy.

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