Learn the Audition Basics and How to Present Yourself in an Audition

Unlike other performance, Film and theater auditioning also demands careful planning and groundwork. So, every aspiring actor should be well prepared before their audition. You should have a strong understanding of how the audition goes and what is expected out of you, when you attend your first acting audition.

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The following tips can certainly help you in making your auditioning process easier.

Audition Fundamentals

As an aspiring actor, it is your duty to know certain fundamentals pertaining to your professional career in modelling and acting. Firstly, you have to be extremely courteous and professional with each one of the agency staff. First impression is always the last impression so always be neatly dressed. Every time reach the venue on time and display professional behavior. Your preparedness for any new work will pave your way for future success.

Audition Process

Auditions are Preliminary trial to assess the acting performances/modeling skills. Whether you are an actor, singer, model or a dancer, the auditions are arranged for talent agents, casting directors to seek new actors and talents. You are screened on the basis of your acting skills, range, and other attributes to find out if it matches the talents they are looking for.

Dress Code

There is no dress code as such for you. However, make sure you don’t wear something that is not flashy. Dress neatly, casually and comfortably. If you are going for a modeling audition, wear something as instructed by the casting agent.


Before your audition starts, you’ll be asked to wait in the waiting room or holding room. At that time, focus on improving your performance rather than chit-chatting with other people out there. Your concentration and preparedness will impact your performance not gossip.

Respect your Surrounding

Show some respect to the fellow actors attending the audition. Don’t think them as your competitor and become rude. Be friendly, warm and most essentially, professional.

Tips on Auditioning

Professionals can take you a long way. Your charm cannot help you grab a role. Casting directors, producers or directors will look for your skills and professional attitude and not charm. Once you enter the audition room, politely acknowledge everyone around and stay focused on your work.

If the audition is videotaped, you may be asked to “slate”. Just look directly into the camera and mention your name and for courtesy also say the name of your talent agency. Once you finish the “slate”, start your performance.

Mistakes are inevitable part of life. So, if you think you are losing concentration or not able to perform as per your potential ask for a second chance politely. If they refuse, thank them and leave the room politely.

Do not Overthink

Performance is what matters the most. Just chill out. Do not keep thinking about your performance. Worrying will not give any positive results. Do not call anybody to discuss on your performance. Try to improve and learn and wait for the next opportunity to come.

Being Courteous to Your Judges

Show some respect for the person who is conducting your audition by exchanging pleasantries.

If you go through the tips above, you can certainly grow as an individual. Implement these tips to have a strong first impression on others.

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