How to Choose a Good MFT Continuing Education Class

Fields like marriage and family therapy are constantly changing as new research is published and best practices evolve, soit can be difficult to keep up with the latest research and innovations. MFT continuing education courses are not only a requirement for renewing your license, but also a great wayto keep up with the field and network with fellow practitioners. It can also help you better serve your clients. Exact requirements for continuing education credit vary from state to state so check with your state board to see the requirements in your state.

Online and In-Person Classes

Once you know how many hours you need for renewal, you can decide where to do your courses. You have two basic options: do them online or do them in person. The advantage of doing MFT continuing education courses online is the convenience. Complete a class at your own pace, in your home, or in your office, and don’t worry about the stress of another appointment. It is a requirement that may be far easier to fulfill by taking a course online than by going to a class on someone else’s schedule.

The advantage to registering for an in-person class, however, is that you get to talk with fellow practitioners in the field. How often are you able to get out of your office and learn from other therapists? Doing so usually requires traveling to an expensive conference and cramming meetings, sessions, and receptions into just a few days. In MFT continuing education workshops, you can discuss research, questions, issues, problems, your latest favorite books and articles while completing your licensing requirements at the same time.

Making the Most of Your Class

Continuing education courses serve as a great opportunity for professional development. To make the most of it, get recommendations from your friends or other therapists in your community, whether that’s in a professional organization, your office building, or asking for recommendations via social media. Your classes don’t have to be simply a requirement but can also serve as an opportunity to expand your knowledge with a great teacher. See if you can get a friend to take the course with you, as conversations not only make new information easier to process and recall, but can make classes more interesting.

You may have to take MFT continuing education classes to keep your job, but they can be much more than a task to be checked off a list. Take a class that interests you and will help you better understand and serve your clients. Your practice will be better for it.

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