Galaxy S9: features and price

Last year was an easy and fast win for the S7 Edge in the first half, but this year? With excellent proposals from LG with LG G6 (with a more fun and versatile camera), with the Huawei Mate 9 / P10, the race is much closer. And while it still seems to me that the S8 manages to take the lead in this first half of 2017, unlike last year, I have no problem recommending any of the three big releases, the LG G6, the Huawei P10 (or even the Mate 9) as viable alternatives if you are looking for a solid, high-end phone. But yes, the S8 + is still the superior alternative. Another typhoon which has the power to beat all these phones is the rocking Galaxy S9, going to release next year. Galaxy S9 is completely ready to compete with its major rival-iPhone 8.

The interface of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + camera is a clear evolution of the S7 and S6 but with slight adjustments in the iconography or more specifically in the scales of measurement of the different parameters. It also changes the icon that acts as the shutter button, which is now mobile to handle the zoom and that may not seem more effective. By the way to take photos also have the conventional commands, either the option of passing the hand on the screen or giving a light touch on the fingerprint reader. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will run on a latest version Android 8.0 making the phone run even more smoothly and with the highest efficiency.

When using the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + the first thing that catches the eye is the speed of shooting that is devilish, in fact in Pro mode we have a shooting range that goes from a mind-boggling 1/24000 to 10 seconds. To give us an idea with a speed 1/2000 and you leave a Formula 1 nailed and with a speed 1/125 you can do the sweeps of your life. That is to say, we have a range of shutter speed that is a light orgy. The same goes for the ISO, the sensitivity of the old paper or diapo films, now emulated in the digital world that goes from 50 (for scenes with lots of light) to 800 (ideal for the night, yes, with the great option of Grain in the final shot). The deliberate camera of upcoming Galaxy S9 and its highest and clearest glorious picture quality will put a smile on your face. The front camcorder 16MP and the Dual-lend 30MP back camcorder are better among its predecessors’ in every way. The hearsay suggests that company would also embrace S9 with Dolby Vision or HDR 10.


It is anticipated that the price of forthcoming champ Samsung Galaxy S9 is quite high, and so those who can’t afford the high-range price of S9 smartphone would definitely go for another alternative, for example, Huawei as it is cheaper resulting in decreasing the success rate of S9. The expected price of Galaxy S9 is 997.428 USD.

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