Be Safe and Secure When Transporting and Using Diesel

If you are someone who uses and/or transports large quantities of diesel fuel, you’ve probably looked for a reliable trailer or tanker to purchase. Is it time to replace the one you have, or are you looking to start new with diesel fuel trailers for sale? There are some important considerations for you to keep in mind.

Focus on Features

You’re transporting a dangerous, flammable substance. You want durability and safety for starters. These features might include a triple beam tongue and tandem axles with electric brakes. Safety mandates a breakaway safety system. You want to be seen, so an LED DOT lighting system is important for travel at night. And it’s comforting knowing your lights are strapped in with steel wrap guards.

Durability is important inside and out. Steel fenders and diamond plate decking ensure strength and secure footing. An adjustable hitch makes attachments slick and easy. A steel chassis gives you the confidence that your load is safe – an important feature to look for in diesel fuel trailers for sale.

Time to Fuel Up

When looking for a diesel fuel tanker trailer for sale, ease and safety when you’re adding your fuel is important. Look for a 12-foot UL approved fuel hose with a manual nozzle for better control. To avoid inhaling any of the fumes while fueling, you’ll probably want a pre-vent vented fill cap. When discharging your load, look for diesel fuel tankers for sale with a GPI 20 GPM high output 12V pump.

Protecting the Exterior of Your Trailer

If this is your business, you want to look professional. A scratched, beat-up tanker does not convey the message you want. When looking for a diesel fuel tanker trailer for sale, you want to look for one with a durable powder coat finish on the trailer. To keep your tanker safe, you want to be sure the tie-down rings are welded on.

No matter what your business, you want to be safe when transporting your dangerous cargo of diesel fuel. You want a company that stands behind their product, is focused on customer support, has a Made-in-America product and is proud of their top-quality design and construction. That’s your focus when shopping for a diesel fuel tanker trailer for sale. Saving you money by ultimately allowing you to buy in bulk and reducing expensive delivery truck fees doesn’t hurt either! Get on top of your game, and your bottom line, by storing and pumping your fuel at your convenience, in almost any location.

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